27 March 2008:Misanthropy Divine is in stock now! This album is half vocal/half instrumental (featuring guest vocalist Dean Sternberg- ex-INTO ETERNITY touring vocalist). The album's first pressing is already going fast, so give Toby a message at his MySpace page to order it before this limited run is gone!
13 March 2008:Whoops! Godless Rising's new material is not complete. Toby and Co. are still working on making it an aural onslaught of brutality.
9 March 2008:Godless Rising's new material is complete, and Toby is now taking pre-orders. Send him a private message at his Myspace page.
8 March 2008:It's the sale of the century! Not only can you get the new Misanthropy Divine cd for $6, postage paid!, you can get your hands on several other Toby Knapp works for the same price - Polarizing Lines, Waxen's Fumaroth, Onward's The Neverending Sun, and Darken's Darken. Better yet, you can land all five for $25 shipped! Just send Toby a private message at his Myspace page.
17 February 2008:Toby has joined forces with Vital Remains co-founder Jeff Gruslin in Godless Rising. They are currently writing some brutal material together and they expect to tour the US and Europe sometime later this year.
16 February 2008:Misanthropy Divine, Toby's latest solo album, is complete! Toby played all instruments on the album and Dean Sternberg contributed vocals. Release date and pre-orders to be announced. Also,
3 December 2007:Toby has parted ways with Metalbolic Records and is currently negotiating his upcoming project (with Dean Sternburg on vocals) with a yet-to-be-announced label. Stay tuned!
14 November 2007:Is an original Onward lineup reunion in the mix? According to Toby, "I have decided out of respect to the members of the original Onward line-up not to ressurect this beast. I feel some new recruits hearts are not in the right place, and perhaps Onward are just not brutal enough for 2008. Of course we all know this is bullshit, and it's a shame we will never know what could have been. Onward were not gay power-metalists, Onward were progressive Heavy Metal with no boundaries. Perhaps some day we can reunite for a one time gig with the original members."
Toby is currently working on his latest solo project with Dean Sternberg and hopes to release it in early 2008.
27 September 2007:Onward is slotted to support Century Media act Despised Icon for one gig in Sheridan, Wyoming on October 29th at the Eagles Club. For more on the setlist, go visit Toby's blog.
10 September 2007:The new Onward lineup (Mk. 2) has begun rehearsing new material and is gearing up to formulate its live set for upcoming gigs. This is a chance for you to give Toby your input on what classic Onward material you'd like to see the band play! Visit Toby's MySpace page and leave him a message there or at his blog telling him your favorite Onward tunes. Be sure to visit the new Onward Fan Page on Myspace!
15 August 2007:

Onward is back! Well, sort of... Toby has decided to give his new project with Dean Sternberg on vocals the name Onward because he feels the material fits the traditional Onward sound. According to Toby, the band has "no agenda for extensive touring, just a few gigs here and there and a strong new album. The recording/writing process is coming slowly but surely and I an putting no timeline on its completion and release date."
Look for a preview of the new material on his MySpace page in the upcoming days.

1 August 2007:

Some more news straight from the guitar wizard himself: "My band is still on for the show in Billings, Montana, Thursday August 23rd, but the venue will be the F.O.E BUILDING! The show starts at 8:00 pm with Nefastus Dies and Wolven Ancestry and we'll play between these bands. The show will be a good showcase of Black/Death/Traditional metal and of course some neoclassicisms. We are also playing here in Sheridan, August 15th, at "Scotty's Skate Castle" but this is more of a favor to my drummer and I don't know much, except it should be cool for local fans. Also doing a wedding reception for a nice couple who actually want this type of music(!) lots of beer and good times."

24 July 2007:

Check out the latest Metal Storm Monthly magazine for a new interview with Toby! For details on how to get a copy of the magazine, go to Metal Storm's MySpace page.

23 May 2007:

Tour! According to Toby: "I have a show confirmed for Thursday, August 23rd in Billings, MT. As far as exact time and ticket price I am not sure, but we will be playing with some great bands at the Sunset Bowl. We may also be playing soon here in my hometown June 21st (Sheridan,WY) supporting a Metal Blade artist passing through. This is still tentative so keep checking back for more info and confirmed dates. We will be concentrating on material from the Polarizing Lines cd as well as some tunes from my bass player's solo project Seeking Obscure maybe some Waxen music from the Fumaroth album, new instrumental music and a few cover tunes including a blazing rendition of Sepultura's 'Troops of Doom'! More on this soon..."

6 June update: The Sheridan gig is at the Eagles Club on 850 N. Main. With Psyopus and other bands. Show starts at 8 pm. Tickets are $8.

16 May 2007:

New progress on the album! Toby has all the basics of all nine tracks for the new album down. He just has to add solos and ambient textures along with the vocal tracks. The new album will feature 7 traditional metal tracks and 2 instrumentals. That's not all! Toby has gone off on one of his rants again, this time directed at solo guitarists and black metal poseurs. Read more at Toby's latest MySpace blog.

10 May 2007:

Toby has a photo shoot this weekend with the whole band so you can put faces to his latest metal project. If you are in the local area, inquire about guitar lessons since Toby's back to teaching his mastery. Also, stay tuned for more information about upcoming gigs! Read more about Toby's latest MySpace blog.

22 April 2007:So, what's been up lately in Toby-land you ask? Well, the man's been busy! This is what he has to say: "Hello all friends and fans. Things are fine on a musical level and my work with vocalist Dean Sternberg is the best yet! There is also another musical prospect that i am not at liberty to mention at this point, but it would be very cool. Onward's 3rd cd is out now on and selling like a motherfucker. Sorry for the long silence, but i am here and am not finished with my metal mission. Thank you for your patience and support!"
5 February 2007:Incoming! Toby's got a slew of metal coming your way this March when Metalbolic issues a re-release Onward's The Neverending Sun and puts out a new compilation called Metalbolical, featuring tracks from Toby's other projects such as Unit 100, Waxen, Onward, and Polarizing Lines. Only an emo queer would be caught without these!
30 January 2007:Century Media has finally got its thumb out of its ass and is releasing Onward's only studio video. "Night" is a part of a compilation called The Visual Experience, and you can order it at Century Media for $20. The 2-DVD set also includes such CM heavyweights as Arch Enemy, Nevermore, Moonspell, Sentenced, and a shitload more.
28 January 2007:According to Toby, "The recording of the new album is moving along nicely. Currently 2 instrumental tracks are finished and 3 tracks requiring vocals are being turned over to Dean Sternberg this coming week. I plan to write and record at least 4 more vocal tunes in the next month or so. The re-issue of the Onward demo compilation cd The Neverending Sun looks great and sounds much better than the obscure first version, so be on the lookout for this around March through Metalbolic Records.

15 December 2006:The winner is...
Dean Sternberg of Within Another and formerly of Into Eternity. Dean will be working with Toby on his latest project, due out next year. According to Toby, "We plan to begin the composing and recording process in January 2007 and will take plenty of time to create the best album possible. The final product is tentatively scheduled for release this summer through Metalbolic Records."
Make sure to visit Toby's MySpace page and give a welcome shout to Dean! You can read more about Dean and Toby's new project at Blabbermouth.
8 December 2006:A big thanks from Toby goes out to all those vocalists interested in participating in his latest project. According to Toby, "several outstanding vocalists have stepped forward and offered their services. As it stands, there are some very exciting prospects and finding the right voice will not be a problem. I haven't decided on having one vocalist or different singers for different tracks. Whatever the case, it will fucking destroy."
If you are interested in contributing vocal tracks to Toby's latest project, contact him at his MySpace page. You can read more about Toby's vocalist search at Blabbermouth.
6 December 2006:Toby is planning a new album out in 2007, and he needs a progressive metal vocalist. Submit material directly to Toby through his MySpace page. You can read more about Toby's vocalist search at Blabbermouth.
12 November 2006:Toby is in the works to whip out his axe in a guest role for Lori Bravo's (ex-Nuclear Death) latest project. Read more at Toby's blog or at Blabbermouth.
11 November 2006:It's official! Toby says the webmaster (yours truly) is a "fan that fucking rules." Read more about it and Toby's appreciation of all his other fans here.
3 November 2006:A new tour for Toby! At the Metabolic Records website, this is what Toby has to say about it:
"After a break, I have begun rehearsing once again with 17 year-old drum prodigy Jeramy Matheson and have enlisted Seeking Obscure's Rob Luckie to play bass. With these new albums coming out, I figured I better play a few shows! We're going to shoot for some out of area shows, but we will probably do something here in our hometown in a few months. Rehearsals have been very fucking killer and we've been raising the intensity and complexity of the music."
3 November 2006:The new Waxen cd is out now! Get Fumaroth here.
2 November 2006:As if one MySpace page and one blog was not enough, Toby has created a new section for Waxen. Access the Waxen blog here or get it directly from Waxen's MySpace page.
29 October 2006:Metalbolic Records is in the process of remixing and remastering Onward's The Neverending Sun, and it will be re-released with a new layout, new liner notes, and bonus tracks. Read more at Blabbermouth.
24 October 2006:Believe it or not, but Toby has a blog now! Read all the juicy gossip here or access it through his MySpace page.
15 July 2006:Toby has joined the minions of MySpace! Check him out here!
8 July 2006:Click here to read an interview with Toby Knapp.
9 June 2006:Polarizing Lines has been receiving quite a bit of airplay at 88.5 FM WRUR in Rochester, New York. The program to tune into is The Academy of Shred on Wednesday nights from 10 pm - 12 am EST. You can catch streamed live online at Listen for a chance to win the cd upon its forthcoming release through Metalbolic Records.
4 June 2006:Links to where you can buy many of Toby's projects have been added in the discography section.
3 June 2006:Unburied/Seeking Obscure split cd is now on sale at Metalbolic Records! Toby played guitars on tracks "That Which Dwells Within" and "Die! Die!"
Polarizing Lines has been licensed to Metalbolic Records and will feature a slightly different layout than the original version. It will be available by mid-summer along with the Waxen cd.
31 May 2006:Make sure to check out mp3 samples of Waxen's upcoming release. You can find samples at Metalbolic Records, along with samples of killer metal from Waxen's label mates. Also, Darken, one of Toby's older black metal projects, is on sale at the Metalbolic Records Store for only $7, postage paid. The first song on it, alone, is worth the money.
20 May 2006:Straight from Toby himself: "I've contributed some guest guitar solos to the Seeking Obscure/Unburied split CD out now on Metalbolic Records. Check it out."
2 May 2006:Waxen gets some press at Blabbermouth! Click here.
7 April 2006:Toby's Waxen project has been signed to Metalbolic Records, which will be releasing Waxen's debut shortly.
A sample of I Claim Your Throne is availabe at the Metalbolic Records website at
For more information about Waxen's debut, contact Metalbolic Records owner Rob Luckie at
3 March 2006:Toby has reinstated his black metal Waxen project! The 2004 demo will be given an official release in the upcoming months through Metalbolic Records.
2 March 2006:Only Chaos has officially disbanded.
31 December 2005:
New tour date added for Toby's new band, Only Chaos.
19 November 2005:
New tour dates added for Toby's new band, Only Chaos.
25 October 2005:
FREE GUITAR LESSONS! That's right! If you suck bad enough to play for Green Day, Toby has got the cure for you! Click here!
19 October 2005:
New tour dates added for Toby's new band, Only Chaos.
16 October 2005:
Fellow fanatics, we have a problem. Not many people know about this site. I (the webmaster) have submitted this site to Google, but they aren't going to put it on the search engine unless other people link their site to it. We need you to link this page to your sites so that Google will include it on its search engine and make this information available to fellow fans. Like Rob Schneider says in The Waterboy, "You can do it!"
19 August 2005:
Tour dates added!
18 August 2005:
New page launched!
Toby is preparing to go on tour to support his latest cd, "Polarizing Lines" in approximately three months.